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SixAxis Secures Utility & Design Patents on Ingenious ErectaStep Products

SixAxis, LLC recently patented its ErectaStep brand, offering a versatile system with five modular components for safe access in industrial environments. ErectaStep ensures OSHA compliance, immediate availability, and customizable configurations, revolutionizing safety and efficiency in industrial facilities.


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By Nate Frank
Oct 28, 2019
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Andrews, South Carolina – October 29, 2019 — Adding to a growing list of over 24 innovative proprietary industrial designs, SixAxis, LLC secured U.S. patent 10,358,871 in July of this year on behalf of its ErectaStep brand. The product line is ingeniously simple, composed of 5 OSHA compliant modular components designed with an infinite number of possible configurations to provide safe and efficient access to workers in industrial settings.

“Now that the patent is on the books, we can focus on helping customers understand the huge difference between ErectaStep and anything else on the market,” explains co-founder and CEO of SixAxis and ErectaStep Rob Honeycutt. “We’re not just manufacturing equipment. We’ve created a fundamental shift in how our customers stay OSHA compliant.” Prior to ErectaStep, applying standard solutions or custom fabrication were the only options available. “Our customers no longer have to sacrifice safety or efficiency to get the job done. The limitless configurations and immediate availability of ErectaStep solutions shave significant time and cost off of every application.”

ErectaStep components include a universal platform, safety stairs, handrails, ladder, and tower support. Crossovers and work platforms can be configured for use by workers in any industrial setting. All components are OSHA compliant, in stock, and ready to ship. Plant managers work with a sales rep to create a custom configuration on-site and in most cases, the components can be ordered and shipped the same day.

Honeycutt explains how ErectaStep safety solutions differ from others on the market, “Critical steps were taken to focus on important details such as the dimensions of the stairs and handrails so they wouldn’t interfere with platform handrails. We imagined every possible worst-case scenario so that customers in any industry can use our solutions to keep their workers safe and their facilities productive.”

ErectaStep, named after the metal toy Erector Sets Honeycutt played with as a child, is made up of robotically welded components manufactured on the assembly line at SixAxis’ facility in Andrews, SC. The 3’ x 3’ platforms have a universal hole pattern on all four sides which allows them to be bolted together in any direction. “The best part about this feature,” explains Honeycutt, “is that when a new product is added to the line or changes are made to the production process, ErectaStep components can be taken apart and reassembled to meet the changing needs of the facility. These are not one-time use solutions. They’ll remain useful much longer than anything else on the market.” Another unusual feature included in the patent is the unique ability to extend up to three platforms without additional support. “This is a game-changer for production facilities looking to provide safe clearance and access in challenging spaces.

ErectaStep platforms are created from a single, continuous piece of sheet metal that is cut and folded to form the shape. The pre-engineered components meet or exceed all OSHA standards. Easily installed with no need for special tools, customers will save time and money on a valuable and safe solution.

SixAxis has been providing access and safety systems to the truck, rail, ship, aviation, and aerospace industries using state-of-the-art technology since 2003. Their award-winning products and patents are created under brands such as SafeRack, ErectaStep, YellowGate, Rollastep, and Aerostep and have helped support the efforts of industry-leading Fortune 500 companies such as Boeing, Dow, and Coca-Cola to name just a few. 

About ErectaStep, SafeRack & SixAxis

First launched in 2010, ErectaStep is a subsidiary of SixAxis Manufacturing Technologies, located in Andrews, South Carolina. SixAxis was founded by Fred Harmon and Rob Honeycutt in 2002 to deliver high-quality loading rack and fall protection solutions to companies around the world. Under their leadership, SixAxis’ SafeRack brand opened its first manufacturing facility in 2005. By 2008, SafeRack earned a place on Inc.’s “Fastest-growing Private Companies in America” list. SafeRack is just one of 13 diverse brands developed under parent company, SixAxis. In addition to SafeRack, product-specific brands such as ErectaStep, RollaStep, PerfectaStep, AeroStep, and MarinaStep have been developed to engineer and manufacture advanced products that increase safety and boost productivity. Additionally, SixAxis software solutions are engineered to simplify technology and propel industry leaders worldwide.

For more information about how SixAxis is changing the world of manufacturing with a diverse array of innovative products and solutions that are made to give your business a competitive edge, visit https://www.sixaxisllc.com. For more information about ErectaStep products please visit https://www.erectastep.com.

Career Opportunities

At SixAxis, we don’t just create products, we’ve revolutionized safety. The diversity of our people and their ideas inspire the innovation that runs through everything we do, from patented technology to industry-leading thinking. Interested in helping us make the world a safer place? Join our growing team. Get started by visiting us at sixaxisllc.com/careers

Nate Frank is a Regional Account Manager at ErectaStep, specializing in OSHA-compliant prefabricated access solutions. He collaborates with industry professionals to enhance safety and efficiency, delivering customized solutions with fast lead times.