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Embankment Staircase – Project Profile

Embankment Staircase Installation for East Coast Power Company in Asheville, NC

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By Dan Matz
May 10, 2024
Estimated 3 minute read
CustomerEast Coast power company
ProjectReplace deteriorating staircase
ProductErectaStep metal stairs
LocationAsheville, NC

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A large industrial supply chain service provider and ErectaStep distributor collaborated closely with the power company to provide an effective solution. ErectaStep’s modular stair system was ideal for the challenging terrain, which required 3 different job walks. While on-site and using ErectaStep’s digital Configurator Tool on an iPad, we were able to create a customized design in real-time and on-site, complete with an engineering P.E. stamp for compliance and record-keeping.

The installation of the ErectaStep embankment staircase utilized standard, in-stock components, significantly reducing engineering costs, installation time, and the need for extensive labor or metal fabrication. A licensed contractor was brought on-site to run a string line that determined the location and spacing for the support towers along the steep slope. [view our other installations on hillsides and embankments]

The newly installed ErectaStep metal stair system offers the customer a durable, maintenance-free solution compared to the previous wooden structure, with an extended lifespan of 20-30 years. Designed to withstand severe weather conditions, the prefabricated stairs are engineered with enhanced safety features such as built-in grip-sturt to prevent slipping during adverse weather conditions, ensuring reliable and safe access for facility workers. This project is an example of the adaptability and efficiency of ErectaStep’s prefabricated metal stairs in industrial applications, emphasizing safety, durability, and quick installation without compromising on quality or compliance standards.

Dan, our National Account Sales Manager since 2011, brings extensive expertise in mechanical and industrial engineering solutions, focusing on access and stair safety compliant with OSHA standards. He excels in strategic planning, customer engagement, and negotiation, ensuring clients receive tailored, effective access solutions for their needs.