Crossover Stairs from ErectAStep allow employees to safely traverse the workplace, avoiding obstructive and possibly dangerous work hazards. Using ErectAStep’s five main components, users can create and endless combination of platforms and stairs, allowing clearance over pipes, dike walls, and other obstructions (View our 5 main components to make your Crossover Stairs). As an example, bolting three consecutive platforms together will provide you a bridge style stairway with over 9 feet of linear clearance, without requiring tower supports. For 12 feet of linear clearance, simply bolt four consecutive platforms together with a tower support on each end. That’s how easy it is to create a sturdy crossover of any size, while avoiding costs of customized welding or fabrication.

For added safety, the steps and platforms on each of our crossover stairs are designed with our aggressive self-draining tread, which prevents slips and falls, as well as water or ice build up.

Our team of experienced customer service representatives is here to assist you in all aspects of the planning process, from designing to ordering. Simply measure the height and length clearance required, and we’ll take care of the rest. Download the catalog and refer to the chart for which stair model will best suit your needs.


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