Rooftop HVAC Metal Stair Installation

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Metal stair platforms are an absolute necessity in most industrial settings. HVAC units on rooftops present daily challenges as workers access cooling towers, etc. with heavy tools.

Rooftop work requires the most situation awareness by workers. Why not provide the best access and work platforms that offer OSHA compliance and state of the art fall protection? Providing the best safety features makes sense.

Aluminum Stairs and Platforms

Aluminum stairs and platforms from ErectaStep can be installed to accommodate direction shifts as you see in this photo. The secret to this versatility is in the industrial-strength components. The platform is the epicenter, and all of the other parts can bolt to any side of the platform. Whether you need to go right or left, up or down, the system can be adjusted. This versatility adds the ability for a set of stairs or platforms to grow with your company. Choosing ErectaStep makes sense.

Prefab Metal Stairs or Erectastep?

Prefab metal stairs are items that your site has to adapt to. It should be the other way around. Choosing a prefab stair unit compromises versatility. The modular ErectaStep system adapts to your site with your design, and it stays versatile for the future.

The Components Of The ErectaStep System

Outdoor metal stairs made with the ErectaStep System are immediately OSHA compliant due to superior engineering, manufacturing, and stringent quality control.
The stairs are all compliant with the current OSHA standards. Each stair meets the requirements for length, width, depth, and weight-bearing ability. What you get is the best engineered non-slip stair in the industry. When you stand on an ErectaStep stair, you immediately feel the difference that quality engineering makes.

Portable Metal Steps

Portable metal steps are not the answer for rooftop applications. An installed stair system offers the security and fall protection that your workers deserve.

Rooftop Stairs

Workers accessing roof-tops to maintain equipment are frequently met with accessibility challenges and obstacles such as pipes, skylights, ducts, and parapets, not to mention abundant trip and fall hazards. For roof-top accessibility and the ability to safely crossover over obstacles over 12″ height, an OSHA compliant fixed roof-top stair or work platform is required.

Quality Metal Stairs

Quality Engineering, Quality Manufacturing, OSHA Compliance, Good looks, durability, and versatility are the hallmarks of the ErectaStep system. Thousands of Safety Managers and Site Managers design and install ErectaStep stair systems in industrial settings every day.