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Project Profile: University adds Access to Air Handlers & HVAC Units

In just four days, we installed custom rooftop access solutions for West Virginia University, providing efficient and safe access to HVAC equipment. Utilizing ErectaStep's Configurator, we swiftly created custom configurations, leading to further project opportunities.

University Improves Safe Access to Air Handlers & HVAC units

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By Nate Frank
Apr 03, 2024
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Four days to install six custom-configured rooftop access stairs and HVAC equipment platforms!

West Virginia University needed a complex platform solution to safely access the rooftop air handlers and HVAC units servicing the college dorms and science buildings. The facility manager was looking for a solution that would be efficient and safe for filter maintenance access. Our stair specialists quickly created a custom configuration using ErectaStep’s Configurator (CPQ software), creating prefabricated stair and catwalk configurations to reach the university’s rooftop HVAC equipment. The proposal was accepted, and the business was awarded, all without needing costly and time-consuming engineering or custom fabrication.

There were a few challenges that had to be overcome to achieve the project’s milestones and goals. They needed access to the air handlers on the roof, but there was also a raised elevated platform that required safe access. The university was expecting two separate units, however, our HVAC stair specialist suggested using the handler platform to access the second level to save space, reduce cost and time. Another challenge was that they realized to get the work platforms on the building’s roofs they would have to assemble the stair components (ErectaStep has 5 main stair components) on the ground and then lifted to the roof. Once assembled on the ground the installation process took four days for six customized and modular platforms. The customer was pleased and could see the advantages of their decision to work with a safety platform company with decades of experience.

“With the success of this project it has also landed us other projects to help improve efficiencies and safety for new customers,” said the Sales Representative responsible for the university project.

After completing this initial project, ErectaStep provided these same platforms for the university’s agricultural science buildings and the chillers used by maintenance.

The facility manager received a scale-model kit of an ErectaStep prefabricated system. Exclusive kits are sent out to customers after the purchase and completion of a project. Immediately after receiving the gift, Lisa placed her miniature ErectaStep kit proudly on her desk. Doing this caught the interest of a physical therapy and rehab center professional visiting the university.  After conversations, proposals, and drawings ErectaStep was recommended for the job. You never know what will catch the interest of a potential future customer. The university couldn’t have been happier with the project outcome and the opportunities from this project.

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Nate Frank is a Regional Account Manager at ErectaStep, specializing in OSHA-compliant prefabricated access solutions. He collaborates with industry professionals to enhance safety and efficiency, delivering customized solutions with fast lead times.