Custom Work Platforms for Colonial Pipe Farm

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Custom Metal Work Platform for Pipe Line

When you are thinking about replacing an older work platform, or if you need to install new custom work platforms, consider two important things.

Worker Safety and Versatility.

The safety of your workers is a given concern. ErectaStep takes worker safety seriously by using quality materials and applying superior engineering that always considers worker safety. ErectaStep systems have built-in OSHA compliance.

The five high-quality components of the ErectaStep system, allow a Safety Manager or Project Manager to design a custom platform that can meet the worker needs of any area.

You can design custom platforms to address any length or height that you need. Adding platforms, guardrails, gates, ladders, and stairs is easy. You create a system that addresses your needs. That is the ultimate versatility.

If you are considering a premade platform, you are missing out on the advantages that being able to customize, gives your company. An ErectaStep platform can change with the needs of your company. You can build out, up or down to meet your companies needs as it grows. ErectaStep offers you a consistent, uniform approach to expansion and OSHA compliance.

It’s easy to get going with ErectaStep. The materials you need are in stock and ready to ship today.

Most installations take a few workers less than a day to install. Again, you create a platform in any length, height, or width. Build a platform that conforms to your needs using the five essential ErectaStep components.

Replacing scaffolding and old equipment with ease and quality is an excellent proactive choice.
ErectaStep considers your worker’s safety with every component. We offer you the easiest way to design and implement a quality spot-on solution that does not compromise on safety, quality, and versatility.

The peace of mind you gain, the confidence that your workers will develop, and having equipment that will last for years are all solid benefits to be considered.

ErectaStep is the natural choice for OSHA compliant custom work platforms, crossover stairs, safety gates, and ladder systems. Design your system today.