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Who Do You Call When Safety Can’t Wait?

Promptly addressing safety concerns in the workplace is crucial to accident prevention. With efficient solutions like safety gates and customized platforms, companies can mitigate risks and prioritize employee well-being.

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By Richard Kline
Jun 04, 2014
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In life there are things that just can’t wait. And if we wait… accidents happen. However, when it comes to workplace safety, often things are put off for one reason or another, and sometimes accidents happen. But are they really accidents if we can prevent them?

In reality, safety can’t wait; although, we have control over whether or not we choose to address a safety issue. We control whether our companies will become the next OSHA or regulatory statistic. That’s where response times matter most. When an issue is identified, how long does it take to put the remedy into place?

Following through on workplace safety

Based on our customer surveys, many safety issues can be easily and quickly remedied. A simple safety gate or crossover can eliminate a safety hazard and the risk of a worker becoming injured. The surveys point out that receiving these small, but significant safety products is one of the reasons they come to SafeRack.

For example, something as simple as a “Stop – Employees Working” sign can have a significant impact on reducing risk of an accident. That was the reason a major carrier turned to SafeRack.

“I needed the derail and sign ASAP and went with SafeRack. Their derail was easy to install, reasonably priced, and well made. Now my employees have additional safeguards, and our transload is Federal Railroad Association (FRA) compliant.”

For Lynn Lehman of Energy Solutions timely delivery of a customized work platform produced benefits beyond safety.  “Our RollaStep doesn’t take up much room and makes the operator’s line of sight a lot better. It also had a positive affect on the efficiency of my operation.”

Consider crossover stairs and platforms. They’re literally a life-saver for workers who require access to difficult to reach areas. But they’re only as good as your supplier’s ability to get them to you quickly and your ability to easily install them. Jerry Hilgendorf of Nustar Logistics told us, “We have several ErectaSteps already onsite. The quality and ease of assembly are two benefits. We also like having load data with the installation — fabricated systems typically do not have this.”

We live in an on-demand society, which is great for fast food and movie downloads. Shouldn’t safety hold the same priority?  We think so.

Don’t put off safety; and if you identify a safety issue that needs immediate attention, contact ErectaStep (888) 878-1839. We’ll do our best to expedite your safety solution large or small.

Tom provides OSHA-compliant prefabricated solutions including Universal Platforms, Platform Handrails, Safety Stairs, Ladder Units, and Tower Supports. At ErectaStep, recognized as the world’s largest safety stair manufacturer, he contributes to delivering faster and simpler alternatives to custom fabrication. Tom's role encompasses offering the YellowGate, and RollaStep mobile work platforms for customizable solutions, ensuring safe and efficient access across various industries and applications.