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Project Profile – A Propane Facility Crossover Project

A propane and natural gas processing facility in the greater D.C. area needed a crossover solution for efficient maintenance access. ErectaStep provided a custom solution, impressing with its stability, quick assembly, and minimal disruption to operations.

Custom Outdoor Crossover Stairs With Handrails for Propane Facility

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By Dan Matz
Jul 13, 2019
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A propane and natural gas processing company based in the greater D.C. area export facility provided propane to a large section of the country. They found themselves in need of a crossover in order to assist workers in efficiently getting around the facility for maintenance required to upkeep their equipment.

After doing some research on several companies, they called the experts at ErectaStep to help solve their challenges. There was a valve in the middle of two pipes that was about 8’ off the ground that controlled the throughput of the product. In addition, there was a slope in elevations that ErectaStep’s precast foundation was able to help out with. ErectaStep was able to simply bury the foundations on the uphill side more so than the downhill side, proving stable, safe, and effective.

The client was impressed with ErectaStep’s ability to use prefabricated components for easy configuration and assembly, while also being custom enough to meet their specific needs.

Throughout the entire project, ErectaStep stayed in touch with updates and kept to promised timelines so that there was the minimum effect on client operations. The ErectaStep team visited the site and spoke with the team directly, making sure to take all measurements when there to prevent any miss information or sizing that you often find when going with a fully custom, fabricated crossover stair system. Due to ErectaStep’s prefabricated stairs, they were also able to get a solution quickly; much faster than any of the competition.

Propane Facility Crossover Project 2
Propane Facility Crossover Project

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