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ErectaStep – Safety Finalist in Plant Engineering’s Product of the Year

ErectaStep's universal platform and stair system, a finalist in Plant Engineering's 2011 Product of the Year, offers a streamlined solution for workplace safety with easy assembly and versatile configurations.

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By Brian Cox
Aug 01, 2015
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Safety Finalist in Plant Engineering’s 2011 Product of the Year Platform and Stair System

ErectaStep is a universal platform and stair system designed to provide an alternative to custom metal fabrication. With only 5 components, users can quickly and easily assemble an infinite number of configurations.

Popular configurations include cross-over stairs for access over obstructions, stair platforms for repeated maintenance access, ladder replacement and mezzanines. Since ErectaStep platforms and stairs are bolted together, reconfiguration of a system is easy to handle. A dolly component is also available, allowing systems to be mobile as well.

Edited by Gust Gianos, Plant Engineering

Brian Cox joined ErectaStep in 2021, specializing in the provision of OSHA-compliant prefabricated safety solutions including Universal Platforms, Platform Handrails, Safety Stairs, Ladder Units, and Tower Supports. As part of the world’s largest safety stair manufacturer, he offers faster, more accessible alternatives to custom fabrication. Brian's portfolio includes the YellowGate, the industry’s most adjustable swing gate for fall protection, and RollaStep mobile work platforms and stairs, enhancing access across diverse operational environments.