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Metal Stair Railing as Part of the ErectaStep System

ErectaStep provides OSHA-compliant metal stair systems, offering instant compliance, easy installation, and versatile customization. Engineered and manufactured in the USA, ErectaStep ensures safety and peace of mind for workers in industrial settings.

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By Ted Richardson
Sep 23, 2019
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There are thousands of ErectaStep metal stair systems installed all over the world. Smart Safety Managers have come to rely on the instant OSHA compliance that our metal stair railings, solid no-slip stairs, and rigid stair platforms provide.

Safety Managers have learned that versatility, easy installation, and “Safety Peace Of Mind” are the way to go.

Some benefits of ErectaStep stair systems for you include easy customization, rapid installation time, and Instant OSHA compliance.

ErectaStep modular systems give your company the ability to create custom stair solutions wherever you need one. It’s easy to design a system that works for your company. Each of the five, high-quality components in the ErectaStep system are engineered and made in the United States using state using modern manufacturing methods. Minimal weld points, laser welding, rigid QA practices, and an inspection process allow us to turn out a product that we at ErectaStep are very proud of.

Ask yourself these two questions then give us a call. You’ll be glad you did!

1. What width do you need your stair system or platform to be?
2. How high does your stair system have to go?

That single phone call will get the ball rolling. We will work with you to determine the components you need to build a perfect metal stair system. All of the ErectaStep components are ready to ship today.

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Installation is easy! All of the components bolt together using just a wrench that we supply. Most installations are measured in just hours, not days. Not only is the install time at a minimal, but the required labor is as well. Installing an ErectaStep system takes two workers, and with proper planning, putting in an ErectaStep modular system should not create much downtime for your operations. Most implementations do not cause any production downtime.
ErectaStep stairs bolt to the deck, which is the start of the safety solution!Sometimes the space constraints of the area you need to address can cause us to recommend that a fixed ladder be installed instead of stairs. Our fixed safety ladder does not require a wall mount. With the ErectaStep system, a metal ladder bolts to the raised platform and the deck, creating a very safe alternative to stairs.
OSHA inspectors look at stairs and ladders with an arched eyebrow and a magnifying glass. The OSHA requirements for stair treads have changed, and compliance could be an issue if you have any older metal stairs. OSHA can be complicated and challenging to interpret and implement. Some of the many OSHA regulations cover the upward angle of a staircase, the weight-bearing ability of the stair, and the depth of a stair tread.

OSHA can be complicated, but we have you covered.

Rest easy. ErectaStep systems are OSHA compliant. ErectaStep studied the numerous regulations regarding metal stairs in the workplace. Many regulations relate to the steps, but OSHA even regulates the hand railing system options, including the handrail brackets. ErectaStep has done all the homework.

Here are the five components of the ErectaStep system.

-The tower supports – The tower supports are industrial grade metal that provides strength and a rigid structure to your metal stairs. The tower supports come in different sizes and are laser welded where needed.

-The Stairs – The stairs are a manufacturing marvel. Each stair tread has to be exceptionally strong to handle a lot of weight. ErectaStep knows that workers have heavy tool belts, and carry additional power tools and equipment; therefore, our stairs were engineered to handle more pressure than the average person weighs. Incidentally, there are many ways to affix a step to a staircase, and we feel that bolting provides the strength a staircase needs.

-The Handrails – The handrails are exceptional. There is no better word to describe them, and here is why. By now, you know that ErectaStep uses and likes bolts. Handrails on a staircase need to be fixed tight, so they don’t loosen and fall back when pulled or leaned on; therefore, our safety handrails are bolted firm to the casing. Our industrial-strength metal handrails are finished in ANSII safety yellow and are powder coated to provide years of vibrant color. Powder coating is an extra manufacturing step that bakes the color to the metal. This step offers additional protection from outdoor elements and provides a high level of scratch resistance.

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-The Landing Platform – The ErectaStep platform provides a generous square yard of landing space. Need more space? Just bolt on a few more platforms. Stairs and platforms can be added to meet any height or length. The platform is a full square yard of industrial metal, and it has a built-in positive-traction no-slip surface. Our platforms are made to provide safety, strength, and expandability. In the future, if you need to expand, you are ready with ErectaStep.

-The Guardrails –The fall protection guardrails bolt to the platform and provide a safe zone for any worker on the platform. The powder-coated, industrial-grade metal guardrails have an ANSII safety yellow finish. The guardrails are tall and able to handle the knocks and dings that are common in industrial settings. The rails hold firm, stay bright yellow, and withstand weather events. The powder coating adds a layer of scratch resistance that no mere coat of paint ever could.

The components, when put together, add up to a remarkably constructed product that offers exceptional fall protection for your employees. ErectaStep has looked at the OSHA compliance regulations and built a product that complies! OSHA compliance is the added element that creates the “Safety Peace Of Mind” that thousands of Site Managers and Safety Managers rely on.

Don’t settle for run of the mill, prefabricated stairs. Call ErectaStep today and to learn how a modular stair system can be installed right where you need it most. Remember, ErectaStep can reach any height, indoors or outdoors. Installation is easy, and our company stands behind you and our product.

Call ErectaStep today. You will be glad you did.

Ted Richardson joined ErectaStep in 2021, bringing a fresh perspective to our stair and access solutions team. Specializing in customer-centric service and innovative problem-solving, Ted ensures that every client benefits from our compliance-focused, safe, and efficient access solutions. His dedication to excellence in all interactions guarantees not just satisfaction, but also enhanced safety and productivity for our clients’ operations.