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Mobile Work Platform Delivers Cost-Effective Solution Accessing Boiler

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bobile work platform accessing boiler
By Jamie Nute
Apr 24, 2024
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RollaStep's Mobile Work Platform Delivers Cost-Effective Solution for Boiler Access Challenges. The mobile cantilever work platform by RollaStep has effectively resolved access issues to boiler maintenance at a thermal power plant, saving 80% in project costs and significantly reducing production downtime.

Known for its efficiency and cost-effectiveness, the energy plant required a practical solution to facilitate annual inspections and maintenance without compromising safety or operational compliance.

Efficient Thermal Power Operations

The thermal energy plant plays a crucial role in a district energy system, which provides essential heating and cooling services throughout the year. These facilities utilize steam boilers to power turbines and generate electricity, often supplemented by gas turbines during peak periods or outages. Regular maintenance is critical, not only for efficiency but also for safety, as the boilers operate under high pressure and can be hazardous without proper care.

Custom Access Challenges

Originally, the facility considered installing a catwalk with ladders above the three large, side-by-side boilers—a necessity for replacing safety valves and conducting thorough inspections. However, the cost of custom fabrication, requiring extensive structural reinforcements, was projected between $50,000 and $75,000, making it prohibitively expensive.

Innovative Solution with RollaStep

In pursuit of a more feasible solution, plant managers turned to RollaStep’s expertise in mobile work platforms. After reviewing the specific requirements and dimensions of the facility’s boilers, RollaStep engineers were able to slightly modify their Mobile Cantilever Work Platform to perfectly meet the plant’s needs. This adaptation offered a significant cost advantage and avoided the high expenses associated with custom fabrications.

Practical and Economical

Choosing RollaStep’s mobile platform proved to be a wise decision. The process was streamlined and efficient, from initial consultations to final adjustments based on detailed dimensions and specifications provided by the plant. Despite some unexpected freight costs due to the size and weight of the platform, the overall savings and improvement in operational efficiency were substantial. The plant reported an impressive 80% reduction in costs compared to the initial estimates for a custom-built solution.

Satisfaction and Security

The RollaStep C-Series mobile platform not only meets but exceeds the operational needs for boiler maintenance. Despite its considerable size and the mechanics involved, the platform is surprisingly mobile, easily moved by just two people thanks to its well-designed wheels. Installation was straightforward, requiring minimal equipment, and the platform's design ensures it is both sturdy and secure for daily use.

This successful implementation at the thermal power plant highlights RollaStep’s ability to provide secure, reliable, and cost-effective access solutions tailored to the unique challenges of industrial maintenance. The platform has not only enhanced the safety standards but has also brought about significant operational savings and efficiency improvements.





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