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HVAC Platforms and Stairs with ErectaStep

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Multi Platform Metal Stairs
By Jamie Nute
Jul 24, 2019
Estimated 3 minute read

Air handler Systems... At most companies, no other required element for the business requires as much maintenance or constant attention. Access to HVAC suites should be built to handle heavy foot traffic, lots of tools, and above all, worker safety. We offer perfect HVAC platforms and stairs.

The ErectaStep System has access to your HVAC Suite, or tower area covered. This area needs an entry point that can withstand the elements of a rooftop environment, look great for years, withstand constant abuse, and provide OSHA compliance. Does this sound like a tall or impossible order?

The ErectaStep system was built to cover all those areas with versatility, strength, and style. It is perfect for HVAC applications.

There are only five components that you work with to create an OSHA compliant access platform that works with your HVAC suite location, shape, height, and door size. If the suite has double doors, an ErectaStep solution is easily configurable.
The five reliable components are solid industrial-grade aluminum that is made in the United States. When assembled, the result is a stable landing platform, stair treads that are solid underfoot, and handrails that offer state of the art fall protection due to their strength.

The pieces bolt together with ease, and it only takes 2 to three workers hours to install a simple or complex OSHA compliant entry stair.

The ErectaStep stair or ladder system is perfect for any HVAC suite no matter where it is. What about ductwork and vents?

The RollaStep mobile work platforms are perfect for getting to overhead ducts and vents. Rerouting ducts, sealing ducts, and cleaning air vents are processes that require a safe height advantage for your workers. They need to get as close to an air vent as possible at a comfortable angle that allows easy maneuverability and extreme fall protection.

RollaStep mobile work platforms have

Wheels that rotate 360° so the platform can roll into any space.

Rollasteps have lightweight frames for instant placement and movement.

Wheels that lock securely in place, so the work area is stable.

A 6’ work platform or more if needed. (this is a lot of work area)

A set of solid guardrails that provide state of the art fall protection.

If your company has an HVAC suite that needs a door or ladder to meet OSHA requirements, then the ErectaStep system can solve this problem with immediacy. If you need to access out of the way air vents and ductwork or even change an overhead lightbulb, then a portable RollaStep Platform is the way to go.

All ErectaStep and RollaStep items are in stock and ready to ship today. We offer your company safe solutions and OSHA compliance right out of the box.





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