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As an F&B Company Grows into New Product Markets, Safety & Accessibility Take Center Stage.

Explore the success story of the Campbell Soup Company enhancing facility safety with ErectaStep's modular aluminum stair systems.

Rooftop access stairs at a Campbell soup facility

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By Jamie Nute
Jun 11, 2023
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  • Safety Upgrade for Campbell Soup: Addressing safety concerns, ErectaStep replaced hazardous rooftop access ladders at the Campbell Soup facility with their modular aluminum stair systems.
  • Cost-Effective Installation: By using modular components lifted with a telescopic forklift, ErectaStep eliminated the need for a crane, reducing installation costs significantly.
  • Weather-Resistant Features: Designed to endure extreme weather in Northwest Ohio, ErectaStep’s stair systems are equipped with slip-resistant treads and platforms, offering year-round reliability.
  • OSHA Compliance and Peace of Mind: ErectaStep’s focus on compliance and maintenance-free operation provides facility managers with confidence in the safety and longevity of their access solutions.

The Campbell Soup Company is no stranger to the importance of safe and sound business practices. When facility manager Dan Junge discovered that existing rooftop access ladders presented significant safety hazards for operators, he knew replacing them was necessary.

Predictable safety hazards such as rust, slipping, and durability is unavoidable as fall protection equipment ages, however, Junge recognized that his options for fixing the access ladders in his facility presented a unique set of obstacles. When he contacted us, it was clear that installing a full-access modular aluminum safety system was the proper solution.

ErectaStep saved the company time and money by implementing a safer solution for the existing roof versus a customer fabricated steel system.

Rather than renting a massive crane capable of lifting assembled steel fabricated stairs at distances of 300 linear feet across the roof, the team was able to use a 40′ telescopic forklift to lift the individual modular components up to the roof. ErectaStep sales reps delivered the components to their respective installation sites on the roof, resulting in significant financial savings for the client. They also avoided an expensive modification of the roof structure below to support the weight of the ErectaStep aluminum stair system.

The Campbell Soup Company project site is located in Northwest Ohio and is subject to extreme temperatures and harsh weather conditions. Our modular aluminum stair systems are OSHA compliant, maintenance-free, ready to withstand ice, snow, and rain with superior traction from slip-resistant stair treads and platforms. OSHA compliance at the top of mind. Their systems provided all of the facility managers with extra peace of mind. ErectaStep continues to be the perfect solution for The Campbell Soup Company.”

Jamie joined ErectaStep in 2020, focusing on the development of aluminum stairs, work platforms, and crossover systems. His work involves leveraging advanced technology to improve response times, reduce lead times, and lower costs without sacrificing quality. Jamie's role includes enhancing safety and productivity for clients, continuously refining processes and products to strengthen long-term customer partnerships.