Cross Platform for a Production Line

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This is a great shot of the basic safe metal platforms that are used in ErectaStep work platforms, metal stair systems, cross platform, and catwalks. The platform is the epicenter of the modular ErectaStep system. All of the components bolt to these platforms.

They include…

– Metal Non-slip Stairs
– Metal Guardrails
– Metal Handrails
– Metal SwingGates
– Fixed Metal Ladders

ErectaStep Uses High Quality OSHA Compliant Components

This photo shows how the non-slip platforms can be bolted together to form a work platform that can be as wide or as long as you need it to be. The modular platform systems are perfect alternatives to rental scaffolding. Having an ErectaStep system installed saves your company the costs of renting scaffolding. ErectaStep systems are solidly OSHA compliant as compared to some rental scaffolding.

Look at the Non-Skid surface. Unlike other platforms, the non-slip surface is built into the platform. There is no gritty adhesive paper that can loosen and get pulled off. The shoe gripping pattern is reliable indoors and outdoors and it cleans easily when needed.

The Versatility Of An ErectaStep System Gives Your Company An Advantage

The square platforms bolt to each other to adapt to the area that you need a platform for. This is the superior advantage of using a modular system instead of an off the shelf 1 size platform. The ability to change sizes as your company grows is an asset.

All of the components of our systems are OSHA compliant and are made in the US. Each component has been engineered and manufactured to give your company versatility, safety, and peace of mind regarding OSHA compliance.

We Make It Easy For You

Thousands of Safety Managers and Facility Managers rely on instant solutions that ErectaStep gives them when they need Crossovers, Catwalks, and production line platforms. Our long term history of successful installations make ErectaStep the experts in facility platforms. Here’s how it works in 3 easy steps.

– Call ErectaStep with just a few simple dimensions. (Height, Length, and Width) You can have a few photos ready to send if you like.
– ErectaStep will instantly design a platform that will get the job done for you. Then we will send you a price quote and renderings of your system.
– Once we get your approval your system will be shipped immediately. All of the parts are in stock and ready to go.

Your system will arrive in a day or two ready for installation. The components bolt together with just a few tools and it takes in most cases less than a day to install with minimum production interference.

ErectaStep has been giving companies The Safety Advantage for over 20 years. Call us today to give us your ideas for a cross-platform system that will look good and last for years.