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Helping a Manufacturing Company with Maintenance Platforms for their Tank Farm

A Missouri company sought a lightweight maintenance platform solution for their tank farm, requiring OSHA compliance and the ability to replace parts without welding atop the tanks. ErectaStep's modular industrial stairs provided a successful solution, meeting weight limitations and installation requirements, satisfying both parties involved in the project.

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By Dan Matz
Jan 22, 2018
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A company in Missouri needed help with being able to access and maintain their tanks in their 14 tank farm. 

Maintenance platforms had to be lite enough to be carried up and installed by hand.

In addition to being OSHA compliant, requirements included weight limitations and an ability to replace parts of the maintenance platform without having to weld on top of the tanks. Each stair component had to be less than 50lbs because they had to be carried up the metal ladders individually, by hand and then be installed. After consulting several companies, this manufacturing company called on the experts at ErectaStep. And ErectaStep jumped at the challenge.

Requirements included ability to easily replace parts of the maintenance platform without welding. 

With ErectaStep’s prefabricated industrial metal stairs and it’s modular stair components the challenges were overcome successfully and both project partners were happy with the results.

Dan, our National Account Sales Manager since 2011, brings extensive expertise in mechanical and industrial engineering solutions, focusing on access and stair safety compliant with OSHA standards. He excels in strategic planning, customer engagement, and negotiation, ensuring clients receive tailored, effective access solutions for their needs.