ErectaStep Installation replacing a non-compliant fixed ladder.

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Because ladder cages for fixed ladders are no longer acceptable fall protection under OSHA, this ErectaStep industrial stair installation replaces a non-compliant fixed ladder. Installed by Banks Industrial Group, this installation didn’t require custom fabrication or welding.

ErectaStep Industrial Stairs – Cages on fixed ladders have been a standard, but as of 2018, cages are no longer considered compliant under OSHA standards as fall protection in newly installed fixed ladders.

Fixed Ladder Standards Under OSHA 1910

OSHA General Industry regulations were updated in 2018 to improve the safety of fixed ladder cages. Research and multiple legal regulating bodies and industry standard organizations has shown that fixed ladder cages do not provide sufficient protection from falls. This prompted OSHA to provide new requirements to improve protection from falls at height from fixed ladder cages.

  • New equipment specification. As of November 19th, 2018, cages are no longer considered compliant fall protection in newly installed fixed ladders. To meet OSHA standards, a personal fall arrest system or a ladder safety system is required.
  • New height requirement. Fall protection is required on fixed ladders taller than (or that extend beyond) 24 feet.
  • Repair/replacement specification. As of November 18th, 2018, a personal fall arrest system or ladder safety system will be used to replace any damaged or nonfunctioning section, cage, or well previously installed on a fixed ladder.

ErectaStep Ships Ladder for Maintenance and Storage Access
Erectastep’s series of ship stairs is an OSHA-compliant, configurable solution that provides stability and durability. Plus, because it offers complete customization, it’s made to fit virtually any industrial application need. This steep incline stair is not suited for standard public access, office, commercial, or residential use applications.
ships ladder