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Stairway Platform

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By Mark Reed
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A stairway platform is situated horizontally and intended to provide a relaxing base between stairs. These platforms afford the fundamental human needs of safety and comfort by creating a place to temporize in high-riser or industrialized structures enhanced by most flights of stairs.

Stairway platforms are crucial for ensuring user safety and preventing fatigue, reducing the risk of falls by providing designated resting areas. They are designed to be wide and stable, supporting the weight of users and any items they carry.


Key Benefits:

  • Safety: Provides a resting area to prevent fatigue and reduce the risk of falls.
  • Compliance: Meets OSHA requirements for stairway design.
  • Convenience: Offers a place for users to pause and regain energy during long ascents.


  • Tall residential buildings
  • Commercial buildings
  • Industrial facilities
Q: What is a stairway platform? 

A. A stairway platform provides a horizontal area for resting between flights of stairs, required by OSHA for every 12 feet of vertical rise.


OSHA Compliance for Stairway Platforms

OSHA regulations mandate stairway platforms to provide a safe and convenient resting place for users. Key OSHA guidelines for stairway platforms include:

  • Design: Ensure stairway platforms are at least as wide as the stairs and free from obstructions to provide a safe resting area.
  • Height: Install platforms for every 12 feet of vertical rise to prevent user fatigue and reduce fall risk.
  • Stability: Build platforms to bear the working load, users, and anything they carry.
  • Inspection: Platforms must be inspected periodically to guarantee they are undamaged and show no signs of wear that can threaten people’s safety.

Adhering to these guidelines assists in ensuring safety in several building designs incorporating stairs.

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