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MP Series Mobile Work Platform

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RollaStep mobile vehicle maintenance platform
By Dan Matz
Jul 29, 2021
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Vehicle maintenance platform - Customized Rollastep Installation

This is a custom RollaStep mobile access stair and platform for servicing large Caterpillar trucks at a surface mine facility. This rolling platform was customized to fit between the front wheels on both the right and left sides of the truck to gain access to the engine compartment for routine maintenance and repairs.

This is our MP [Mobile Platform] series RollaStep, a highly mobile work platform designed to bring the workspace and stability of a fixed platform to a rolling stair mobile unit.

MP Series - RollaStep's Vehicle Maintenance Platform

The MP Series adds unparalleled mobility to the workspace of a fixed platform. The powder-coated handrails, full-size 45° rise stair stringer, and standard-sized steps meet OSHA specifications for mobile platforms. The lightweight aluminum construction and 360° swiveling casters make the mobile platform easily maneuverable by a single person.

Custom Rolling Work Platforms

RollAStep Custom Rolling Work Platforms can be customized to meet your unique manufacturing, factory or aviation work environment. Length, width, railings can be customized to create a rolling work platform so your workers can gain comfortable and safe access to any of your work or factory environments.

Larger custom rolling work platforms allow for multiple users and equipment to be close at hand. Cantilever platforms and angled handrails ensure minimal gaps between platform and work area such as a fuselage of an aircraft.

Custom load-rated platform systems allow for multiple weight applications that may include heavier tooling equipment as well as several operators during use. Leading-edge padded bumpers are available to prevent damage to your equipment while in use.

Custom Rolling Work Platforms for Flatbed Fall Protection

Full-Length Rolling Work Platform Fall Protection

These custom units provide flatbed truck operators the ease and safety of loading and securing safely before motoring. RollAStep’s individual removable handrails allow for quickly accessing specific locations along the platform without compromising safety in other areas.

Easy to Operate

One to two operators can safely move units away from trucks while entering and exiting the loading bays to prevent any damage.





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