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RollaStep MP Series for Vacuum Truck Servicing

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Vacuum Truck Access Stair
By Dan Matz
Apr 24, 2024
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An operator safely accesses the top of a vacuum truck using the customized RollaStep MP Series mobile platform, demonstrating the unit's stability and ease of use

Vacuum Truck Operations with the Custom MP Series RollaStep Mobile Platform

The custom MP Series RollaStep is an innovative mobile platform specifically designed for accessing, servicing, inspecting, and maintaining vacuum trucks. This mobile unit combines the stability of a fixed platform with the flexibility of a rolling stair, allowing for easy movement around the worksite. Constructed from durable materials, the MP Series RollaStep ensures a sturdy and secure workspace that complies with OSHA standards, providing a safe environment for operators. Its large platform and removable handrails offer versatility and ease of access, making it an ideal solution for the rigorous demands of maintaining vacuum trucks. This RollaStep product not only improves operational efficiency but also enhances safety, enabling operators to access and work on vacuum trucks with confidence and security.

Robust Design for Optimal Safety

Constructed from lightweight aluminum, the MP Series mobile platform features a large work platform that safely supports multiple operators along with their equipment and parts. This design provides the stability and workspace of a fixed platform while retaining the mobility of a rolling stair unit, ensuring that operators can perform their tasks safely and efficiently.

The platform is equipped with powder-coated handrails and a full-size 45° rise stair stringer with steps that meet the standard width and depth requirements specified by OSHA for mobile work platforms. This ensures a safe ascent and descent, crucial for operators who require frequent access to the tops of vacuum trucks for detailed inspections and routine maintenance.

Versatile and Configurable for Specific Needs

One of the standout features of the MP Series is its configurable design. Operators can easily remove the cantilever end handrail to access areas over obstructions or remove an entire side for unimpeded access to a flatbed trailer. These removable handrails can be securely reattached without tools, providing unparalleled versatility and allowing for quick reconfiguration on the field depending on the specific task requirements.

Application on Vacuum Trucks

The custom MP Series platform is particularly effective for use with vacuum trucks, which are pivotal in operations involving the removal of soil, debris, and other materials from various sites. Vacuum trucks, equipped with a powerful combination of pressurized water and pneumatic suction, are designed to handle a range of tasks from cleaning up after large projects to delicate excavations around fragile underground infrastructures. The custom platform allows operators to safely reach and manage these high-powered machines, which are essential for maintaining clean and functional urban and industrial environments.

Understanding Vacuum Trucks

Vacuum trucks are versatile machines designed to suction up a variety of materials from different sites. These trucks are typically equipped with a large tank and a vacuum system that enables them to collect debris efficiently. They are invaluable in construction, waste management, and many other sectors for their ability to safely and cleanly handle materials that are otherwise challenging to manage.





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