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Midwest Cooling Tower Services Crossover installation

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crossover stairs
By Park Rahaley
Apr 24, 2024
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Midwest Cooling Tower Services Crossover installation that provided workers OSHA compliant access to different parts of the facility. For the stair footers, this installation uses ErectaStep's concrete stair and tower concrete kits in which both are prefabricated and in stock.

Concrete Form Kits

Our concrete form kits and pre-cast pads are convenient and can be field fitted with no special tools to meet exact height requirements.

Ease & quick assembly of the form. Assembles in under 10 minutes from start to ready to pour. Customer to supply concrete.
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Safety Swing Gates

With YellowGate’s 20 inches of adjustability and universal mounting system, you can protect every passway in your facility WITH ONE SKU. No measuring our mounting guesswork, simply count the number of openings and place your order.

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Compliance Expert

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