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Swing Gate and Ladder Platform for a Power Plant

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Swing Gate and Ladder Platform
By Tom Reeves
Aug 23, 2019
Estimated 2 minute read

Imagine a situation at this power plant where two sets of manual flow control valves need to be shut off. The ErectaStep platform in this photo makes that shutdown an accessible event for one or more workers. An ErectaStep swing gate and ladder platform allow the valves in this photo to be accessed with ease.

The lower level valves are under the ErectaStep step platform that allows a very generous amount of headroom.

Even with a hardhat, a worker fits inside the industrial-strength aluminum confines, and won't bump their hardhat. The worker can reach a valve without straining, contorting, and wrestling with it to clamp it down.

The valves on the upper level are equally accessible. The worker on top of the ErectaStep platform has the same comforts — no straining, contorting, or wrestling. All of the manual valves in this plant are within a relaxed reach.

The rigidity, strength, and ease of installation of the ErectaStep platform set it apart from the competitors. The ErectaStep is not just a platform but more so a safety platform system.

Platforms can be designed to cover any length or height. Think of that! ErectaStep can reach any level. If your company needs a state of the art, work platform or you have scaffolding that needs replacing, then an ErectaStep system could be put in place. The possibilities are unlimited.

Are there any areas in your plant that need a crossover platform? ErectaStep crossover platforms handle millions of workers crossing production lines and other obstacles every day. The built-in sturdiness, dependability, good looks, and safety factors make ErectaStep the choice that company Safety Managers install to attain OSHA compliant peace of mind.

Most metal work platforms and crossover stairs install in less than a day with a few workers and a minimum amount of tools. The modularity of the components enables anyone to create a platform that fits where it needs to be in a custom fashion.

It's easy for a company to design then install an ErectaStep system that meets all OSHA requirements.





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