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Mobile Maintenance Platform for Tower Crane Vehicle

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By Nate Frank
Apr 24, 2024
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MP Series RollaStep mobile platform installation to access tower crane vehicle, this 9-foot tall unit with a 64 square foot work platform is constructed with lightweight aluminum for easy maneuverability, yet its surprisingly sturdy. Designed for accessing, servicing, inspecting, and maintaining large vehicles, its robust and OSHA-compliant structure ensures a stable and secure environment for operators and workers.

RollaStep's MP Series Maintenance Platform for Tower Crane Vehicles

RollaStep's custom MP Series mobile platform is transforming worksite operations at Liebherr-Great Britain Ltd., providing an innovative solution for safely accessing, servicing, inspecting, and maintaining large tower crane vehicles. This tailored platform showcases how thoughtful design can facilitate routine maintenance and complex inspections safely and efficiently.

Robust and Reliable Design

The MP Series maintenance platform is engineered for stability and robustness, standing 9 feet tall with a substantial 64 square foot work platform. Its construction from lightweight aluminum not only ensures the platform's portability but also contributes to a sturdy, secure base that can be easily maneuvered around the facility. This mobility is critical in maintaining the large and complex machinery such as tower cranes, which require regular maintenance to operate efficiently.

OSHA Compliant for Optimal Safety

Safety is paramount in the design of the MP Series. The platform not only meets but exceeds OSHA standards, providing a safe and secure environment for operators. The addition of a YellowGate safety gate is a key feature, ensuring that all operations conducted on the platform are free from the risk of accidental falls or slips. This compliance not only protects the operators but also instills confidence in the management regarding the safety protocols observed during maintenance tasks.

Advanced Safety Features

The custom MP Series platform includes several advanced safety features that enhance its usability in industrial settings. Its sturdy design prevents instability while the platform's handrails and safety gate ensure secure access points at all times. These features are critical for tasks that involve accessing the upper parts of tower crane vehicles, where operators require a reliable and safe platform to perform detailed inspections and maintenance.


Liebherr-Great Britain Ltd. has a history in the construction and material handling sectors. The company, which has been a prominent player in the UK since 1961, continues to prioritize safety and innovation, as evidenced by the integration of the RollaStep mobile platform into their operations. This commitment to safety standards and maintenance routines, ensures that all equipment operates safely and reliably.





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