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Portable Stairs For Work Trailers and Temporary Buildings

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Portable 5 step left access stair unit, OSHA compliant
By Park Rahaley
Jan 10, 2019
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Portable 5 step left access stair unit, OSHA compliant

Job sites have to be flexible. As the job progress from area to area, things get moved around. Work Site trailers and temporary buildings are things that often change position. Portable stairs for work trailers are a great solution.

Workers are in and out of trailers all day long.

A set of portable OSHA compliant stairs eliminates a problem by being able to move any time a change happens. Workers are in and out of trailers and portable buildings all day long. Safety for workers is job one on any location, and the ErectaStep system gives your site what it needs. With ErectaStep, you get portability, durability, good looks, and immediate OSHA compliance.

Stability and Compliance Are Built Into every piece.

ErectaStep components are stable, easy to assemble, and they look good while offering safety and compliance.

If your site has trailers or portable buildings, put an ErectaStep system on the entrance in any configuration you need at the openings.

Your employees will enjoy the non-slip environment of the diamond-patterned easy to clean treads. The installed guardrails and handrails are industrial grade aluminum finished with a powder-coated ANSII yellow paint job that withstands the elements and looks great for years. The landing is also non-slip and is surrounded by guardrails for state of the art fall protection.

Staying ahead of injuries is a tough job for any safety manager, but this application is a no brainer.

An ErectaStep system is portable fall protection installed right where the action is. If your access points are old, faded or not up to date, the ErectaStep is a perfect replacement that will bring your site up to code.

Installation is a matter of bolting the components together in a configuration that works for your needs. The platform and stairs can be put together in hours in any arrangement that solves your site's requirements.

ErectaStep offers you peace of mind, versatility, and ease of installation. Add this to your job or plant today and start enjoying the benefits.





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