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ErectaStep Stair & Catwalk installation – Sarasota FL

In a significant stride towards enhancing operational efficiency and safety, a facility in Sarasota, Florida, turned to ErectaStep for a comprehensive solution.

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By Nate Frank
Sep 10, 2021
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ErectaStep’s Modular Access System Transforms Operations in Sarasota, Florida

In a significant stride towards enhancing operational efficiency and safety, a facility in Sarasota, Florida, turned to ErectaStep for a comprehensive solution. Faced with the challenge of safely navigating complex machinery and equipment, the facility required a durable, flexible, and compliance-oriented access solution. ErectaStep’s modular catwalk installation not only addressed these needs but also set a new standard for workplace safety and adaptability.


The facility in Sarasota faced a two-fold challenge: ensuring the safety of its workers while maintaining an agile operational flow. Traditional access solutions were either too rigid or not compliant with the latest safety standards, posing risks to worker safety and productivity. The facility needed a solution that could adapt to its evolving layout and maintain compliance with strict safety regulations.


ErectaStep’s modular access system emerged as the ideal solution, providing a blend of safety, flexibility, and efficiency. The catwalk installation featured the following key attributes:

Modular Design: ErectaStep’s system comprises five main components — stairs, ladders, platforms, handrails, and gates — that can be easily configured to fit any industrial environment. This modularity ensured that the facility’s specific layout and access needs were precisely met.

Safety Features: Emphasizing worker safety, the system is designed with non-slip surfaces, sturdy handrails, and industrial-grade materials. These features significantly reduce the risk of accidents and ensure compliance with OSHA standards, creating a safer workplace.

Efficiency and Flexibility: The ease of installation and reconfiguration of ErectaStep’s system meant that the facility could adapt without significant downtime. As the facility’s layout or machinery changed, the catwalk system could be easily adjusted, supporting continuous improvement and operational efficiency.


The installation of ErectaStep’s modular catwalk system transformed the facility’s operations. Workers could safely and efficiently navigate the space, significantly reducing the risk of accidents and improving overall productivity. The facility’s management team praised the system’s flexibility, noting the ease with which it could be reconfigured to meet changing needs.

Compliance and Continuous Improvement

ErectaStep’s solution ensured that the Sarasota facility remained compliant with the latest safety regulations, avoiding potential fines and disruptions. The adaptability of the system also positioned the facility for continuous improvement, allowing for the optimization of workflows and the safe incorporation of new equipment and processes.


ErectaStep’s modular access system installation in Sarasota, Florida, stands as a testament to the effectiveness of innovative safety solutions in industrial settings. By prioritizing worker safety, compliance, and operational efficiency, ErectaStep helped the facility navigate its challenges and set a new standard for workplace safety and adaptability. The success of this project highlights the importance of choosing the right partner for safety and efficiency solutions in any industrial environment.

Nate Frank is a Regional Account Manager at ErectaStep, specializing in OSHA-compliant prefabricated access solutions. He collaborates with industry professionals to enhance safety and efficiency, delivering customized solutions with fast lead times.