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YellowGate safety gates mounted on a SafeRack MAUI truck access unit


By Tracy Mikulec
Oct 16, 2017
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Installed Safety Gate

If you don't have a YellowGate installed in your plant or site yet, it's time to find out why thousands of Safety and Site Managers are installing YellowGates.

These versatile, quiet, OSHA compliant gates are instant problem solvers.

The benefits of easy to install barrier gates are unbeatable!

Ease Of Installation

YellowGate safety barriers are superior for many reasons. They install so quickly and can go anywhere due to instant adjustability. On your next safety audit look for areas where a YellowGate can offer another layer of protection for your workers.

Some Applications

Workers crossing a plant or yard are at times inattentive to constantly changing situations, and sometimes they walk right into them. Distractions brought on by tablets and phones are often part of this. A barrier gate creates a pause, or opportunity to stop and assess a situation before stepping into it.

Loading Docks are busy places and often congregation points for workers. Before stepping onto a loading dock, a person should assess what is going on. An easy to install barrier gates create a pause and can be used to deliver a warning.

Crossover points can benefit from having a YellowGate. Does the crossover put workers into areas where there are moving vehicles? A pause at the Crossover point is a good safety practice.

Solutions for you

YellowGates offer solutions for creative Safety Managers who know where to install them. The wide adjustable range of the gate is 16" to 36" - This range offers versatility and creates the opportunity to install safety barriers easily in every spot that can benefit from it.

Can your company benefit by installing YellowGates to add another ring of safety protection to your site?

YellowGate installs easily and can work in conjunction with any ErectaStep installation. Contact YellowGate today and start increasing safety levels for your workers today!





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