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Rolling Work Platform with OSHA Compliance

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By Richard Kline
Sep 14, 2017
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A RollaStep Rolling Work Platform

Who doesn't need a Rolling Work Platform like this one?

RollaStep mobile work platforms help get the job done. Thousands of companies around the world have top of the line platforms like the one in this photo.

RollaSteps are durable workhorses that are easy to maneuver. Move a RollaStep effortlessly to any work situation. RollaStep almost glides across the floor on wheels that are whisper quiet.

I know quality when I see it...

Everything about the metal work platform in this photo showcases quality.

The Wheels - The wheels on this mobile platform are a cut above squeaky low-quality wheels. We have all seen and heard those. Look at how these wheels lock down tight. That lock mechanism is a key element for any platform. On a RollaStep platform, the wheel locks work!

The Stairs - Each one of the stairs on a RollaStep are OSHA compliant to the latest standards. When you go up RollaStep stairs you will feel a confident difference. That difference is quality materials.

The Tower Supports - Industrial Grade, High Strength, Laser Welded Aluminum. Each finished tower support undergoes a quality control inspection. RollaStep is OSHA compliant immediately.

The Platform - The solid non-slip platform is modular so platform designs can be as long or wide as you need it to be. The reliable, industrial grade, aluminum has an impressed no-slip surface. This is part of the enormous fall protection that is put into this product.

The Handrails and Guardrails - Take another look at the photo. Do you see what I see? The bright yellow guardrails and handrails bolt to the platform. This creates a superior "fall protection zone" when using the stairs or the platform. The bright ANSI yellow finish stays in that condition for many years. (It's Powder coated for baked in scratch resistance.)

The strength and mobility of a RollaStep Platform set it apart from off the shelf products. If your company still rents scaffolding or it needs a utility platform, it's time for a RollaStep.





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