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Assembly Platforms PECVD

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Assembly Access Platform for PECVD
By Nate Frank
Jan 30, 2018
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ErectaStep Assembly Platforms are making a difference in plants and manufacturing facilities at thousands of companies every day.

ErectaStep Assembly Platforms are Game-Changers!

The ErectaStep modular system that is used to create state of the art, OSHA compliant assembly platforms, production line crossovers, and safety stair systems is a game-changer. You could also call it disruptive to the old way of doing things, and here is why...

- ErectaStep's modular components create instant OSHA compliance. Use Erecta Step in your facility, and you won't have to rely on the word of a platform fabricator/engineer/ welder about whether your installation meets OSHA standards. Our system does... period!
- While that fabricator/engineer/welder is taking days to measure, design, and weld a system together, your ErectaStep platform system can be already be installed.
- Installations are easy, quick, and done with a minimum number of tools, labor, and time. If you need a crossover on a production line, the disruption to normal operations is zero to minimal. Most installations take two workers less than a day to install.

The modern way to install an assembly platform using advanced design techniques and a modular system is the way to go!

The benefits of using an ErectaStep system in your plant have to do with the safety elements that your workers will rely on each day. If you look closely at the platform in this photo, you see..

- Stable Metal Tower Supports - The tower supports are the result of superior engineering and manufacturing. Each support has been laser welded, and the number of weld points in the design was reduced. This creates a more "solid-state" support right where you need it most. At the base.
- The metal guardrails, handrails, and non-slip surfaces are all in place to provide unparalleled fall protection for your workers. The guardrails and handrails are bolted to the casing and platform. They are tall, firm, in place, and reliable. The non-slip surface areas on each stair tread and platform are built-in. The shoe gripping technology we infused onto the stairs and platforms is an OSHA compliant benefit that ErectaStep is proud of.
- The Powder Coated yellow finish on the safety rails is visible, bright, and baked onto the metal. Powder Coating is an extra step we take, and it results in a finish that is more scratch and flake resistant than a dull coat of paint. When you grab an ErectaStep handrail, you can feel the smooth and substantial difference.

Installing an ErectaStep Assembly Platform system in your plant is an easy, cost-effective way to improve safety, maintain OSHA compliance, and get things done rapidly. Don't be fooled by a one size fits all alternative that cannot be reconfigured to your growing companies needs.

ErectaStep can have an assembly platform system, measured, designed, and shipped to your company. All it takes is one phone call, and we will get it going for you. ErectaStep has helped install thousands of work platforms for companies like yours. Join the thousands of Plant Managers and Safety Managers who use ErectaStep systems every day.





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