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Roof Access Ladders And Stairs for a Multi Level

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Roof Access Ladders And Stairs
By Brian Cox
Jul 17, 2019
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This Installation shows the versatility of the ErectaStep System. Roof Access Ladders and stairs are easy to design and install a multi-level platform like this one using just five simple ErectaStep components that bolt together. Two or three workers can install a platform like this in less than a day.

There are no limits.

Imagine what you can do with the state of the art fall protection that ErectaStep provides the next time you do a Safety Survey at your location.

Do you see old stairs?

Old metal stairs are dangerous if left unpainted and rusted. Oxidation leads to stress fractures in metal that eventually will give out, and most likely when bearing a load of some sort. Foreseeable safety hazards are the easiest to deal with.

Proactive or Reactive?

Proactive Safety Managers are replacing older stairs with the ErectaStep System for safety reasons. The ErectaStep system meets OSHA requirements right out of the cartons.

With the versatility comes great strength

Each ErectaStep piece is industrial-grade aluminum that is galvanized or powder-coated to hold up well against the elements. The solid handrails, guardrails, and gates are vibrant yellow that remains yellow for many years.

The fall protection railings and guardrails bolt firmly to platforms and stairs and provide favorable environments for no-slip ascents and descents.

Step Up

The stair treads are full with a diamond pattern that offers a grip to the shoe. The stair treads meet all OSHA requirements for width, length, and weight-bearing ability. ErectaStep is a reliable product that provides safety for your workers.

The platforms at every level in this installation are secure, roomy, and as non-slip as the stairs. The bright yellow fall protection rails bolt to the platform creating firm handholds.


The braced support towers stand tall and rigid thanks to the industrial-grade aluminum that all ErectaStep systems enjoy.

If you have older metal stairs at your plant or any stairs that have rusted, it is time to consider a new metal stairway system.

Choosing an easy to install ErectaStep system offers state of the art fall protection, robust construction and design, versatility, and good looks. ErectaStep is the system that will keep your employees safe and provide peace of mind for a proactive Safety Manager.





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