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Mobile stairs accessing a hard to reach boiler valve

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boiler valve ladder
By Tracy Mikulec
Jun 14, 2024
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A RollaStep TR Series Tilt and Roll Rolling Ladder to give workers access to a hard to reach boiler valve.

The RollaStep TR Series Tilt and Roll Rolling Ladder, on location enables workers to safely access elevated areas, such as this boiler valve located 10 feet in the air. Large concrete pavers we put into place, making it easier to position the rolling ladder. The TR Series is specifically designed for mobility and stability, ensuring that workers can position the ladder precisely where needed, even in confined spaces, to safely perform inspections and maintenance, or for emergency cut offs.

Key Features of the TR Series Rolling Ladder:

  • Ample Work Space: The six-square-foot platform offers sufficient room for operators to move freely and handle tools comfortably.
  • Mobility: The lightweight frame and unique side-rolling casters make the ladder easy to maneuver and position.
  • Safety First: Full-size powder-coated handrails, a full toe board, and aggressive non-slip surfaces ensure secure operation at various heights.
  • Durability: Constructed with robust aluminum, the TR Series supports up to a 300lb load limit, maintaining high mobility without compromising stability.
  • Compliance: Meets or exceeds OSHA requirements, ensuring workplace safety standards are upheld.

Practical Applications:

  • Industrial Maintenance: Ideal for accessing machinery or equipment in manufacturing plants.
  • Warehouse Operations: Enhances efficiency and safety in stock picking and inventory management tasks. View Installations
  • Aviation: Provides stable access for aircraft maintenance and inspections.

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