Industries for ErectaStep’s Prefabricated Industrial Aluminum Stairs

All our OSHA compliant work platforms and Industrial Metal Stairs are precision manufactured, fully engineered aluminum suitable for nearly all industrial applications. And as always – each component is fully stocked and ready to ship today! Using a combination of 5 components: Prefabricated Metal StairsMetal Work PlatformsIndustrial HandrailsAluminum Ladders and Tower Support, our modular design is sturdy, requires no fabrication and quickly bolts together to provide aluminum stairs, crossovers and many other configurations for safe access over pipes, dike walls, or other obstructions. 


Safe and mobile access is crucial in the aerospace industry. ErectaStep offers just that. Custom platforms  improve worker safety, boost productivity and eliminate dangerous climbing and wasteful walking.


ErectaStep makes prefabricated metal stair systems and stair kits for just about any industrial, commercial and residential application. From our flagship Industrial Series, to our commercial and designer spiral and mono stringer stair kits. ErectaStep makes creating and building custom metal stairs easy and painless.


ErectaStep has provided reliable access platforms, foot bridges and other modular access systems to the chemical industry for years. Built with corrosion resistant aluminum, our work platforms and metal access systems are perfect for the complex environment associated with a chemical plant. Because ErectaStep is fully prefabricated, and bolts together, it's perfect for  situations that limit or prohibit hot-work or welding.


ErectaStep manufactures commercial staircases which can be used for interior or exterior use. There are various applications for commercial staircases including hotel lobbies, fire exists, airplane hangers, mezzanine stairs, and more!

Distribution Centers

ErectaStep keeps up with the ever changing needs of material handling and provides greater ROI due to its bolt together component based design. Crossovers and access platforms can be disassembled and reconfigured into a new solution as needed. Eliminating the need for expensive one-off fabricated units.

Energy & Petroleum

ErectaStep can save time and money by marrying custom structural supports with standard components to shorten lead-time, yet meet and access needs outside of the standard component capabilities. The modular stairs and work platform systems are a perfect use for energy-based facilities.


ErectaStep’s all aluminum construction delivers superior performance with virtually no maintenance on indoor or exterior applications in a variety of climates.


ErectaStep’s aluminum bolt-together scaffolding system is a perfect solution for hard-to-get-to or rooftop applications where welding or excessive weight could be a problem.


ErectaStep prefabricated stairs and work platforms are completely pre-engineered to be as flexible and safe as possible. Using only 5 simple components that bolt together, our metal work platforms and cross over bridges can be configured and installed in a matter of minutes. This allows for maximum flexibility, by allowing your stair kit to unbolt, and be relocated and reassembled as your facilities process changes and evolves.

Mining & Minerals

The gritty, rugged environment found in the Mining and Minerals world presents a special challenge for most run of the mill work platforms and access stairs. ErectaStep is designed to meet that challenge head on. Constructed of heavy duty, corrosion resistant aluminum, with a durable powder coated finish, ErectaStep Industrial series is the perfect match.


ErectaStep's all aluminum constructed products that need virtually no maintenance on indoor or exterior applications in a variety of climates is perfect for the pharmacy industry.

Residential & DIY

No other stair kit manufacturer makes designing and installing a metal stair kit, so fast and easy. ErectaStep has designed our stairs to be as easy to order as they are to install. Choose from a variety of designs and styles, from our Commercial Series, to our Architectural Series featuring metal spiral stairs and our designer inspired, mono stringer,  single stringer model. All are IBC compliant and assemble and install fast and easy with no special tools required.