ErectaStep Industrial Stairs to Operator Building

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Erectastep Industrial stairs that provide OSHA compliant access to an operator building at an industrial facility.

This photo is an installation of Erectastep industrial stairs that provides OSHA compliant access to an operator building at an industrial facility.

This photo shows how the ErectaStep system can be installed to address multi-levels efficiently. This versatility is the underlying beauty of the ErectaStep system. Five simple components bolt together easily in any configuration you need to address areas that need instant OSHA compliance.

The first section of the photo shows an ErectaStep system that addresses a need for a 2 step OSHA compliant crossover. The stairs anchored to a simple, easy to install prefabricated concrete slab.

You can see the quality that ErectaStep’s industrial-grade aluminum adds to this application.

The handrails are vibrant ANSII yellow, and the standard powder coating ensures that the color stays bright for many years, even in an outdoor application. Look again at the handrails. They are trustworthy, well built, and above all, bolted to the system to provide stable fall protection.

The second half of the installation is an ErectaStep system that provides two steps up to a stable platform that has safety guardrails and a gate that goes to another set of safety stairs. Platforms can be placed at any height or at any length you need.

This ErectaStep installation is a well designed, placed crossover system that shows the absolute quality that ErectaStep offers. If your plant or Jobsite needs OSHA compliant stairs or ladders, you have come to the place for state of the art OSHA compliant solutions. mlee

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