ErectaStep Rooftop Access System on Vancouver Island

Rooftop Work Doesn’t Have to Be Inefficient and Dangerous

Workers often require rooftop stairs for a variety of reasons, such as performing maintenance tasks on HVAC and electrical equipment. Yet most workplaces do not have an OSHA-compliant rooftop access system. Workers are forced to utilize portable ladders that are inefficient and are a major source of serious injury.  

Many companies are hesitant to install a rooftop access system over the perceived costs and delivery time. ErectaStep’s OSHA-compliant rooftop access systems feature prefabricated in-stock components and stair parts, making them extremely cost-effective. Parts are shipped quickly and can be easily configured to any application.  

This was the case for a rooftop access system that the ErectaStep team recently installed at a facility located on Vancouver Island. The aluminum-made rooftop access ladder features 3 flights of slip-resistant stairs, work platforms, and safety rails. The rooftop access system was constructed using prefabricated parts that were in stock and shipped to the facility just 2 days after ordering. Workers can now safely and efficiently access the roof to perform a variety of routine maintenance tasks. Check out our rooftop ship ladder project. Erectastep believes that every project is unique and deserves the best metal steps possible. We’re always excited to discuss how our experience can help you find a solution for your needs!

“There’s no need to use a big, complex idea when a small simple one will do.” 

-Carlos Bueno

ErectaStep Rooftop Access System on Vancouver Island