Erectastep 3 Step Crossover Stairs- Cement Berm

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Installation for getting over cement berm in the work place for OSHA compliance.

Are those coffee stains on the cement berm wall?

When I look at this photo all I do is wonder about how many perfectly good cups of coffee hit the deck as workers tried to gracefully negotiate a tricky step up and then a sideways step-down over this wall. It would have made a great YouTube video! I myself have spilled coffee thanks to small cracks in sidewalks and I know this berm is a bigger obstacle than most people realize. Look again at the unevenness of the two sides of the wall then think of how you would get over this?

People today are busy and distracted. Workers carry cups of coffee and other items from the food truck in one hand, and in the other is a phone. Encountering a berm like this one is a Ninja Warrior challenge when hands are full, time is short and there is a good video about epic fails running on the phone. People are people! If a worker misjudges a wall like this one, it may cost them a spilled cup of coffee, a cracked phone screen and perhaps a broken ankle. You lose as well because your employee may lose time due to an injury. You also lose because of all the forms you have to start filling out. There is OSHA of course, short term disability paperwork, reports to the company, and then there is the frosting on cake… Insurance paperwork and potential hospital bills.

A very smart Safety Manager deduced from all those possible coffee stains on the cement that this place needed a safe, reliable, OSHA compliant crossover. ErectaStep is the best possible solution for this problem area. Here’s why. The amount of time it takes to design, order and install these strong industrial stairs is less than the amount of time it takes to handle the endless stream of paperwork associated with a work loss injury.

Is it really that fast and easy to get OSHA compliance?

One simple phone call to ErectaStep gets the ball rolling. Give us a few simple measurements, and maybe send over a few photos of the area that needs safe crossing. Our configurator tool will design a system that you will be able to view and approve in just minutes. A price quote is also at your fingertips. Once approved all the components you need to easily install a system is shipped to you. It arrives in one or two days.

Installation takes just hours a few workers and a few tools. It’s that easy. The installation in this photo uses pre-fabricated concrete slabs to level things… We can ship those as well.

ErectaStep is the modular platform system that is disrupting the old way that crossovers and platforms are being designed and installed.

Say yes to

– Easy Instant designs
– Instant price quotes
– Quality Components
– OSHA Compliance
– Easy Installation
– Speedy Delivery

Say No To

– Lengthly design processes.
– Back and Forth phone calls
– Expanding Price Quotes
– Welders, grinders, and other workers.
– Iffy OSHA Compliance

Do you have an area that needs an almost instant solution? We have those solutions ready to help you today. ErectaStep creates state of the art Crossover Solutions that keep your workers safe and on the job. Call ErectaStep today and we will begin to help your company today.

Erectastep has been making the best Crossovers and Platforms for over 20 years. Our state of the art system has been installed by satisfied Plant Managers and Safety Managers in thousands of companies all over the world. Get the safety peace of mind you and your workforce deserves. Call ErectaStep today and allow us to solve some problems.