Conowingo Hydroelectric Plant – ErectaStep custom crossover install saves over 2 weeks…

Custom crossover platform saves customer over 2 weeks on installation time with ErectaStep’s in-stock prefabricated parts.

Custom projects are what we do best and our distributors know our favorite response is, “Yes we can,” when asked if a project is doable. Built in 1928, the Conowingo Hydroelectric Plant is an impressive structure. But as one of the largest non-federal hydroelectric dams in the U.S. and the largest dam in the state of Maryland, step ladder access was creating efficiency and safety issues for workers. 

OSHA compliance and project timing were the biggest concerns expressed by the customer to Banks Industrial Group who were ready to provide an access solution no other distributor was able to tackle.

Not a standard ErectaStep application, in addition to the ladder tower crossover system, we provided flush-mounted handrails, custom-sized platforms, and pre-engineered customized loads and reactions. And because none of our components require fabrication, we were able to save the end-user over two weeks in installation time–a huge win when it comes to productivity for the customer.

This project started in October and workers were back to work in November. Thanks to ErectaStep products, increasing safety, efficiency, and productivity has never been easier.