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Step it Up – FREE CE Course

Free one-hour continuing education course on using prefabricated modular solutions for safety and compliance.

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By Tom Reeves
Mar 07, 2024
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Prefabricated Modular Stairs Continuing Education – Increased Efficiency with Prefabricated Modular Stairs, Access Systems, & Ramps

  • Free one-hour continuing education course on using prefabricated modular solutions for safety and compliance.
  • Targeted learning for specifiers, architects, builders, safety managers, installers, and fabricators.
  • Insight into OSHA, IBC, and ADA codes with guidance on modular stair component specification.
  • Earn AIA HSW/LU, AAA, AIBD CE, and other CE credits to enhance professional development.

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Design Category (CSI Division): (05) Metals
Learning Hours: 1
Delivery Format: Narrated Video

In the fast-evolving construction and manufacturing landscapes, the imperative for compliance and safety cannot be overstated. Recognizing this, ErectaStep takes a significant step forward in empowering SPECIFIERS, ARCHITECTS & BUILDERS, SAFETY MANAGERS, INSTALLERS & FABRICATORS with cutting-edge knowledge through our complimentary one-hour continuing education course titled “Step It Up: Increased Efficiency with Prefabricated Modular Stairs, Access Systems, & Ramps”. This course is meticulously designed to bridge knowledge gaps and foster an understanding of prefabricated modular metal stairs, access platforms, and ramps, underscoring their pivotal role in ensuring compliance, safety, and affordability for facilities across the manufacturing industries.

A Learning Opportunity Awaits

Step It Up delves into the essence of prefabricated modular solutions, spotlighting their efficiency and cost-effectiveness. The course aims to enlighten participants about the pivotal codes and standards set forth by OSHA, IBC, and ADA concerning stairs, ladders, and handrails. Furthermore, it offers invaluable insights into specifying modular stair components and configurations, paving the way for enhanced code compliance and site productivity.

Designed for Industry Professionals

Targeted towards a broad spectrum of industry professionals including specifiers, architects, builders, safety managers, installers, and fabricators, this course is crafted to enrich your professional prowess. Whether you prefer a Lunch & Learn session or an online learning opportunity, Step It Up is flexible, allowing you to integrate this enriching educational experience into your busy schedule seamlessly.

Earn CE Credits While You Learn

Embrace the opportunity to not only expand your knowledge base but also earn continuing education credits. Participants who complete the course will be awarded AIA HSW/LU, AAA, AIBD CE, BOMI CPD, OAA, RCEP PDH (Live: 178254, Online: 178918), and SAA credits. With a learning hour accredited under the Design Category (CSI Division) of (05) Metals, this course is an invaluable asset for professionals aiming to stay at the forefront of industry standards and practices.

Why Choose ErectaStep?

At ErectaStep, we pride ourselves on our commitment to innovation, safety, and compliance. Our products are a testament to our dedication to providing solutions that not only meet but exceed industry standards. From our versatile and robust modular stairs to our comprehensive access systems and ramps, every product is engineered with precision and care. By participating in our continuing education course, you will gain insight into how ErectaStep’s solutions can contribute to the efficiency and safety of your projects, reflecting our ethos of quality and innovation.

Join Us in Elevating Industry Standards

We invite you to take part in this exclusive learning opportunity. “Step It Up” is more than just a course; it’s a gateway to enhancing your professional capabilities, understanding the intricacies of compliance and safety, and leveraging the benefits of prefabricated modular solutions. Register now and embark on a journey of learning and professional growth with ErectaStep.

Elevate your expertise. Enhance your projects. Ensure compliance and safety with ErectaStep. Join us, and together, let’s step it up.

Tom provides OSHA-compliant prefabricated solutions including Universal Platforms, Platform Handrails, Safety Stairs, Ladder Units, and Tower Supports. At ErectaStep, recognized as the world’s largest safety stair manufacturer, he contributes to delivering faster and simpler alternatives to custom fabrication. Tom's role encompasses offering the YellowGate, and RollaStep mobile work platforms for customizable solutions, ensuring safe and efficient access across various industries and applications.