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Step into the Future: Prefabricated Stair vs. Custom Fabrication

A humorous take on the quirks of custom fabrication.

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By Park Rahaley
Apr 03, 2023
Estimated 3 minute read

Don’t Be A Chet, there’s a better alternative to custom stairs and platforms.

With ErectaStep’s innovative modular design, there are now alternatives to time-consuming custom stair fabrication. Our recent parody video highlights the stark differences between traditional custom stair fabrication, represented by the fictional character Chet, and ErectaStep’s cutting-edge prefabricated modular stair products.

The Old Way: Custom Fabrication’s Downfalls

Chet, our well-intentioned fabricator, represents the old way of doing things. His approach is all about customization from scratch. While impressive, this process has significant inefficiencies, including lengthy quote times, engineering, multiple site visits, custom equipment, and on-site welding. It is labor-intensive, time-consuming, and costly.

The ErectaStep Difference: Efficiency, Compliance, and Versatility

ErectaStep, on the other hand, represents the future of stair and platform fabrication. Our approach is grounded in efficiency, compliance, and versatility, offering:

  • OSHA Compliant Solutions Out of the Box: ErectaStep products are designed to meet OSHA standards, ensuring safety and compliance from the moment of installation.
  • Quick Quote and Delivery: Unlike the lengthy engineering and development times associated with custom fabrication, ErectaStep offers immediate quotes and products that are in stock and ready to ship, potentially arriving as early as the next day.
  • Easy Installation and Reconfiguration: Our systems can be installed in a matter of hours with simple tools. Plus, they’re designed to be easily moved and reconfigured, catering to the dynamic needs of industrial spaces without requiring heavy machinery.
  • Made in America with High-Grade Aluminum: Committed to quality and local manufacturing, ErectaStep products are made in the USA from durable, lightweight aluminum, ensuring longevity and ease of handling.
  • Infinite Configurability: With just five main components, ErectaStep’s modular system can be configured to fit any application, making it a versatile solution for any workspace challenge.

Moving Beyond Custom Fabrication

The video humorously highlights the inefficiencies of traditional fabrication methods, juxtaposing them against the seamless, straightforward process ErectaStep offers. From the immediate availability of quotes and products to the simplicity of installation and compliance assurance, ErectaStep clearly outpaces the outdated custom fabrication process.

ErectaStep is revolutionizing how companies approach the need for stairs and access platforms in industrial and commercial environments. By choosing ErectaStep, businesses can significantly reduce installation times, ensure OSHA compliance, and enjoy the flexibility of reconfigurable systems that adapt to their changing needs. It’s time to leave the cumbersome, time-consuming custom fabrication process behind and step into the future with ErectaStep’s prefabricated modular stair products.

For businesses looking to streamline their operations while enhancing safety and compliance, ErectaStep offers an innovative, efficient solution that Chet’s traditional custom fabrication method simply can’t match. Discover the ErectaStep difference today and transform your workspace with our prefabricated modular stair systems.

Park Rahaley, with ErectaStep since 2012, is an expert in crafting crossover stairs and modular work platforms that enhance safe and easy access over industrial obstructions. His specialization in integrating advanced technology ensures that ErectaStep delivers solutions that are not only fast and cost-effective but also uphold the highest standards of safety and quality. Park’s expertise empowers customers to overcome complex challenges with customized, efficient access solutions, maintaining our commitment to excellence in every product design and manufacturing process.