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Is your company straining for lack of space? You might not need another building. Real Estate for expansion purposes is costly. Many companies today are looking up and exploiting the vertical space in their current structure or job site.

Mezzanine Manufacturers are busy as this trend ramps up.

Companies are looking up and taking unused space. It makes sense.

What is a Mezzanine? It’s floor 1.5 in most cases.

A mezzanine, in a multistory building, is the space between the first floor and the second floor. Sort of like floor 1.5. In a single-story building the mezzanine would be any area above ground level but before the ceiling. Again kind of like floor 1.5. Consider a mezzanine to be like a balcony.

You already pay for that space.

Companies install elevated platforms to create new workspace or storage areas instead of seeking other Real Estate. Doesn’t this make sense since that higher-level space is paid for?

ErectaStep is a modular, easy to install, Mezzanine System

ErectaStep is a modular component system used for building safe and secure mezzanines quickly and with less disruption to typical day to day operations. You can install it in stages or all at once.

You need versatility, right?

Your company can install an upper-level space to any height, width, or length that is needed. You can claim as much unused square footage as you want. This versatility is what most platform systems lack. Because ErectaStep is a modular system, you can add sections to it at any time.

Tough Components Are The Key

Platforms at any height need to be rigid, stable, and reliable. The key to ErectaStep’s success are the components that are all manufactured in the United States. Each part of the mezzanine system is Industrial Grade Aluminum. They are a great combination of strength and durability. They handle heavy loads easily. The quality engineered components are carefully produced and methodically inspected. All of the laser welds meet OSHA requirements before and after the platform is bolted together.

The Tower Supports

At the base of an elevated system are the tower supports. The extensively engineered ErectaStep tower supports are manufactured, laser welded, and then inspected. ErectaStep makes these components to be robust, safe, and durable.

We think about Fall Protection… A Lot.

The handrails, platforms and guardrails, stairs, and platforms have well thought out Fall Protection built right into them. The industrial metal handrails on the stairs bolt into the stair supports. Because they “bolt-in” the support the rails offer is unparalleled. When properly installed, there is no slippage or wobbliness of the handrails. The stairs are compliant with the current OSHA requirement regarding Width, Length, Depth, and weight-bearing ability. The stairs are supported in a no-nonsense way using bolts. ErectaStep does not take shortcuts when it comes to safety. The platforms are heavy-duty aluminum that when bolted together can create a platform of any length or width that is needed. Claim as much space as you can using ErectaStep platforms. The heavy-duty handrails, guardrails, and YellowGates are all powder coated in ANSI yellow. The powder-coated finish adds a vibrant yellow onto the rails. Powder coating ensures that your fall protection elements are bright yellow for many years. A standard paint job falls short of the abilities that powder coating provides. An addition of a YellowGate to your mezzanine creates an area for lifting objects to the new level. A bright barrier gate stops anyone from crossing the edge.

ErectaStep is ready to put your mezzanine in place.

Call ErectaStep today to get the ball rolling. You will be surprised at how rapidly we can assist you with this project. All of the elements you need are in stock and ready to ship. Working with us to design your system is easy.

Get Going Today; It’s Easy

Quality engineered components, ease of installation, strength, reliability, and extreme fall protection are part of ErectaStep. This system is the right choice for expanding companies that need more space now.

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