The Mummy Returns

ErectaStep is manufactured with the strict brand ethos that fall-prevention and safety products can be innovative, fast to ship, easy to assemble and surprisingly fun, as our in-house marketing launched an imaginative follow up to last year’s ad promoting ErectaStep products as the “The 8th Wonder of the World.” The viral video hit social media channels last week and follows the mummified Egyptian Pharaoh Khufu on his quest to find a safer and more efficient way to build pyramids for some friends, quote, “In a place far...far...away.”

The Mummy Returns - Extended Director's Cut

Binding Arbitration - Extended Director's Cut

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Great Wall - ErectaStep TV Commercial

Cross Over Anything in Days. Not Centuries.

China’s Great Wall took 2,000 years to build and is visible from space. ErectaStep assembles in one day and helps put humans up there.

As the world leader in modular stairs, catwalks and handrails, it’s small wonder that Erectastep is the choice of those leading the world in manufacturing, automotive and aerospace technology. One small snap-to-assemble step for humans, one giant leap for Industry.

Built in Days. Not Decades.

Ancient Egyptians may have had help from aliens to build the Great Pyramids. You get a configurator that’s right out of the future.

Only Erectastep lets you create your own custom build on a tablet with our proprietary Erectastep Configurator. No armies of engineers or advanced alien technology necessary.

Pyramids - ErectaStep TV Commercial
Machu Picchu - ErectaStep TV Commercial

Make Tricky Terrain Safe, Simply.

Ancient Aztecs were known for their stepped pyramids.
Their safety record, not so much.

Erectastep is made of corrosion resistant aluminum to stand the test of time. And it’s engineered for safety, so it’ll pass the tests of OSHA. Which is a nice feather in our cap.

Quality That Stands the Test of Time.

Built in one day. Arrivederci, engineers and welders.

Rome wasn’t built in a day. Even the Colosseum took a few Emperors to complete. But Erectastep is in-stock and ready to ship the next day. And configurations don’t require legions to assemble. Just one person with a wrench. Vini, vidi, vici. That’s Italian for “Thumbs up. You got this.”

Colosseum - ErectaStep TV Commercial