Generator stairs – Installation

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ErectaStep generator stairs for accessing maintenance doors on a generator. ErecaStep’s adjust legs allowed for one side of the stairs to be anchored to the generator’s foundations. As you can see in the installation, adding stairs to access the generator was easy, didn’t require an installer, special tools, or custom fabrication.

This generator stair installation uses the ErectaStep portable series galvanized steel stairs, a fast and easy solution for accessing generators and similar applications. Perfect for job site trailers, modular office buildings, temporary housing, industrial, and construction sites. We also have Instrustrial Stair Solutions for applications that are permanent and require custom configurations.

As with all ErectaStep Steel Stairs, our portable steel steps come standard with more features like large, slip-resistant, 4×6′ and 4×4′ platforms with the ability to have stairs from either the front, side, or two sides. Available in sizes from 28″ (711mm) to 63″ (1600mm) inches high. All have field adjustable telescopic legs that allow the unit to adapt to virtually any terrain for easy setup and leveling.

Custom configurations, landing size, stair angle, tread rise/run, or a maximum horizontal stair run are available for your unique project.

Our standard handrail finish is a safety yellow powder-coated handrails and hot-dipped galvanized finish for the stairs and platforms. Customer colors are available.

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