ErectaStep: Revolutionizing Industrial Stairs with Swift Installations

In the realm of industrial stairs, ErectaStep stands as a hallmark of quality and efficiency. With a steadfast dedication to safety and functionality, ErectaStep has consistently delivered exceptional products tailored to the diverse needs of industries nationwide. However, aside from ErectaStep’s patented prefabricated modular design, what truly distinguishes ErectaStep is its innovative approach to distribution […]

ErectaStep Stair & Catwalk installation – Sarasota FL

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” ― Leonardo da Vinci This ErectaStep stair and catwalk installation was assembled with 5 in-stock components that bolted together. No need for custom fabrication, welding, or special equipment. ErectaStep Stair & Catwalk installation – Sarasota FL

Conveyor crossover stairs

Conveyor Crossover Stair Installation – Improving productivity and safety for a well-known bottling facility

A pre-fabricated conveyor crossover stair installation that didn’t require custom fabrication or special tools. Nestle Waters’ Zephyrhills brand is the number one bottled water in Florida, sourced from a natural spring in the region since 1964. The popular brand has a strong commitment to providing a safe work environment for employees at all of their […]

catwalk stairs

The Role of Access Catwalks and Mezzanine Systems in Industrial Safety

Better strike a pose with safety using a stable catwalk or access system, than be sorry when accidents in your manufacturing or construction site happen! As opposed to the more popular meaning of ‘catwalk’ as the ramp where models sashay garbed in high fashion, in the industrial parlance, a catwalk pertains to a ‘walkway’ that […]

Custom Outdoor Crossover Stairs With Handrails for Propane Facility

Project Profile – A Propane Facility Crossover Project

A propane and natural gas processing company based in the greater D.C. area export facility provided propane to a large section of the country. They found themselves in need of a crossover in order to assist workers in efficiently getting around the facility for maintenance required to upkeep their equipment. After doing some research on […]

HVAC Stair Units Outdoors

Project Profile – University Improves Safe Access to Air Handlers & HVAC units

West Virginia University needed a complex platform solution to safely access their rooftop air handlers and HVAC units servicing the college dorms and science buildings. The facility manager was not only looking for a solution that would be efficient but also safe for filter maintenance access. SafeRack’s HVAC specialists were able to quickly configure a […]

Crossover Stairs With Handrails Above Nestle Conveyor Belt

Nestlé Waters Wants to Keep Their Employees Safe

When Nestlé Waters North America began in 1976, bottled water was an unknown phenomenon and their single brand Perrier® Sparkling Natural Mineral Water was poised to lead a movement around the world. Today, they are the largest non-alcoholic beverage company in the U.S., operating 28 bottled water facilities and reaching annual revenues of $4.5 billion. […]

Aviation aft maintenance platforms

Aviation Maintenance Platforms – Airline Maintenance Company Says Goodbye to Building In-House Scaffolding

Aviation Maintenance Platforms – Project Profile An airline company’s main responsibility and concern is the safety of its passengers. An industry such as this requires frequent maintenance checks, as well as, repairs. This specific company has been building all scaffolding in-house and has spent countless hours making adjustments to the scaffolding when the height of […]


The Difference OSHA Compliant Stairs Can Make

A manufacturing company in Nebraska asked ErectaStep for a modular, easy to assemble, and custom solution to replace an outside wooden stairway that was quickly falling into disrepair on the company’s roof. The steep and unsafe stairway located on the roof reached great heights to another section of the roof. The current wood staircase was […]

Metal Bridge with Metal Railings

Mining Safety Equipment – ErectaStep’s Crossover to Access a Mine Pit

An Arizona mine company needed a crossover solution so they could access the pit and do their jobs more efficiently. The customer was not only looking for a solution that would be safe, but something that would be both OSHA and MSHA (Mine Safety and Health Administration) compliant. After ErectaStep was awarded the business, they conducted […]

Defense Industry Uses ErectaStep to Replace Temporary Scaffolding

A defense company had recently built an addition to their facility and installed equipment for a new manufacturing process they were adopting. The concrete infrastructure was poured and temporary scaffolding was being used to supervise new equipment installation and to conduct equipment startup and operation. That said, the customer needed a permanent work platform to […]

Custom Access Platform for Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition (PECVD) System

A solar technology company was undergoing challenges with their facility and needed an access platform to their machinery. They were having trouble accessing their equipment, specifically their PECVD G8.5 System, which was at an elevated height. A plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition (PECVD) is a process by which thin films of various materials can be deposited […]

Conveyor Crossover-custom color engineering drawings

Innovative Conveyor Crossovers for an Innovative Electric Auto Manufacturer

The Challenge – Create an OSHA compliant custom conveyor crossover in an area with a low ceiling. The client didn’t want heavy steel, on-site welding and required all parts to be powder coated with a custom color theme. ErectaStep, a brand known for top-quality industrial stairs, work platforms, ladders, recently designed and built a custom […]