Customization vs. Fabrication

Uncover three commonly held myths about fall protection that waste time and resources. There’s an easier, more effective way to give workers safe access to work areas.

3 Safety Compliance Myths that Are Killing Your Bottom Line explains why:

  1. There is a quick fix to fall protection, but it may not be what you had in mind.
  2. Quality, effective fall protection systems don’t have to break the bank. But you may be falling into the trap of this second myth and spending more to get less.
  3. Resource constraints don’t have to constrain your ability to keep workers safe and productive, but it may be preventing you from obtaining the most effective solution.

The pace of manufacturing continues to accelerate. Changes that once involved weeks of preparation are now expected in days.


Selected Customer Applications

Selected Customer Applications

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Pipe Crossover Step

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Pipe Crossover Walkway
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