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Industrial Stairs

ErectAStep’s Industrial stairs are sturdy and modular. By bolting separate units together, users can easily customize staircases to meet the physical demands of their work environment, providing safe access to elevated work areas. These highly durable units are constructed with heavy-gage aluminum, assuring maximum durability.

ErectAStep’s 5 main components are available in a variety of sizes, allowing users to create and endless amount of configurations. As an example create a crossover style industrial staircase with 9 feet of linear clearance by bolting three platforms together in a series, with a safety stair at each end. It’s just that easy to create customized, sturdy, and safe staircases, all while avoiding the costs of custom welding or fabrication. View our 5 main components to make your own industrial staircase.

Our team of experienced customer service representatives can help you design the industrial stairs to best fit your work environment. Simply measure the height and lengths of clearance required, and we’ll help you build a product that gets your job done. Please call us with any questions about your design.

Download the catalog to refer to the chart for which stair model will best suit your needs.

Examples of industrial staircases from our customers

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Download Catalog & Specifications

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Selected Customer Applications

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