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Aluminum Staircase for Maintenance Access

Easy to use, easy to install, easy to transport

Your range of products is very useful and high quality that is easy to use, easy to install and uninstall, and easy to transport because can split to part by part.

I would recommended your ErectAStep product because we can add more parts to change the configuration, height and wide compared with other products.

Amran Mat Zanggi, OGCF Engineering (M) SDN BHD

Crossover Stairs for Safe Material Handling

My second purchase within 6 weeks

This is my second purchase within 6 weeks. Very sturdy, easy to install and the SafeRack rep was very responsive.

John Sealey, London Hospital Lien Service, 09/30/2014

Durable and exceeds in performance

Overall the product is durable and exceeds in performance. Installation was simple. Product was delivered within 2 weeks. There were three different orders and one was during the holidays. All were delivered in a sufficient timeframe.

Mike Shultz, Gudgel Yancey Roofing

ErectAStep Aluminum Staircase

Good Quality

Product was delivered within a week. Good quality that serves my need. I would recommend this product for Cost and ease of installation.

Buddy McCumbers, Georgia-Pacific Passport

Crossover Maintenance Access Platform

Easy as 1-2-3

1. cost effective for large area need where design would require structures needed vs contractor building on site

2. appearance and design is already safety oriented to meet code

3. structure is made to accommodate ease of assembly and access without fatal redesign cost, with prompt delivery with no issues.

Phillip Weathers, Sealed Air Corp – CRYOVAC DIV

Maintenance Platform over Hazard

They made helpful suggestions

The sales rep was very responsive, and great help to us with the order. Making helpful suggestions and answering all our question right on the phone. Delivery was much faster than we expected. We had lots of questions, so his help was very much appreciated.

Ken Wilcox, Ken Wilcox Associates

A great product speaks for itself, but the service and integrity you get with the product outweighs everything!

I just received both. My team loved working with the product and wanted me to say thanks. It went together like butter. The fitting holes and welding on the product were flawless. The functionality of the stairs for our conveyor extension was the right fit from the get go. My office team also wishes to express their gratitude for all the help that we received from Kim. Thanks Kim!

Eric Nanavati, Maintenance Manager, Ontario Hub / Purolator Facilities Manager – Purolator, Inc., Toronto, Ontario

It is a superior product

Very good quality and very adaptable to my project, with the pre-engineered modular design. It is a superior product, and exceeded in covering all my safety concerns.

David Eicher, Sentinel Transportation LLC 

Platform for Crude Oil Access

They are less costly relative to regularly fabricated platforms

The sales rep was extremely responsive, got the quotes I requested back to me in a timely manner. I asked for revisions to the quotes a couple times and each time received timely updated. The ErectaStep platforms are the PERFECT solution depending on the scenario. I LOVE that they are so VERSATILE…various parts availability for constructing numerous different platform arrangements.

Kristi McCall, Duke Energy Corporation

The sales rep informed us of the delivery date and was right on the money!

From the web site to sales and service the process was easy, fast, and I was able to put the product to use immediately. In the future I will buy the pre fabricated crossovers. They are cost effective and durable. I am very please with the product. is actually more cost effective to buy from you than it is to have them fabricated on site.

Ken Fudala, Kinder Morgan

Attention to Detail

Product was delivered slightly slow, I believe you were doing maintenance in the factory. ErectaStep’s attention to detail from weld quality to stickers to paint are what I like best.

Jeff Butler, Poet Biorefining

The quality of the manufactured parts look to be good

The sales rep has responded in a timely manner. The product was delivered in the timespan ErectaStep gave.

Mickey Fordham, Sumter Packaging

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Selected Customer Applications

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